► Crawford – Legionnaire Neck Knife

Crawford – Legionnaire Neck Knife  #54

@Php  10,000

The Legionnaire is being carried by several private contractors doing body guard work for some of the American engineers that are working on a construction project. They are seeing a lot of everyday use.

The Legionnaire is a knife designed by Dave West and Devin Reynolds of Legion security company that teaches (among other courses) a Defensive Knife Tactics course.   The concepts of this course come out in The Legionnaire knife. The course promotes legal, yet effective, tactical knife defenses for military, law enforcement, and civilians. The knife was designed with local laws in mind, so the blade was kept under the 4″ blade length limit of most jurisdictions. The grip is designed to facilitate quick removal from the sheath and grip retention once in the hand. The knife was designed with many knife grips in mind (including reverse grip). Legion Consulting is proud to have Pat Crawford and Crawford Knives build this knife.

The Legionnaire has a 3″ S30V blade, an EXTREME high grind line (this makes the knife an incredible slasher/meat cutter, definitely not meant to be a pry bar, this blade is for defense by design, not for opening a can of franks and beans (although it will slice a seat belt nicely), file work on thumb raise and on hilt (this facilitates any grip you like whether ice-pick, saber, forward, reverse, etc.), skeletonized handle (makes it light and extremely thin for concealment), false edge on top, finger groove, and a drilled handle (facilitates grip; also places balance point of the knife more forward for control and “pointing” characteristics). The knife also comes with one of Crawford Knives secure Kydex sheaths.



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