► Oleksander Orebchuk Bogdanovich – Darkwater Steel #03 Black Mamba II

Oleksander Orebchuk Bogdanovich- Darkwater Steel #03 Black Mamba II

@Php 35,000

The blade Darkwater Steel. It comes from one of the rarest stainless steel ores found on this planet. It does not have any artificially added or manipulated iron elements as most other current steels found on the market. The secret and beauty of Darkwater Steel lays in the phenomenon of the ore, its natural extraordinary composition and proportion of elements are practically impossible to artificially duplicate. Oleksander Orebchuk Bogdanovich purification and blacksmithing process brings out the natural exotic and delicate pattern, which gives the blade a rare, unique, mystical look and elegance.

The signature panel is solid silver and goes through the thickness of the knife. The scales are layered textured carbon fiber over polished carbon fiber.  The knife comes with horizontal carry sheath with Black Python skin inlay and is sewn with braided stainless steel wire.

Blade Length:                       2 5/8
Overall Length:                    6 1/2
Closed Length                      N / A
Blade Steel: Darkwater Steel ®
Frame Material: Darkwater Steel ®
Scale Material: Textured Carbon Fiber Over Polished Carbon Fiber

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